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Compact, with a low-profile and interchangeable filters, the TRU Custom has four levels of attenuation that are ideal for on-stage, concerts, travel or sporting events.



Westone’s TRU product line brings together high-performance filter technology with the latest in universal and custom earpieces to provide comfortable, discreet hearing protection options that are ideal for a variety of loud settings. TRU hearing protection has been specifically designed to reduce noise exposure while still maintaining sound quality across the sound frequency spectrum. TRU Customs allow you to protect your hearing by selecting your level of attenuation to match your own unique listening preferences. Each custom earpiece is precisely-fitted to your ear canal utilizing 3D digital scanning technology and manufacturing to provide maximum comfort, a discreet size and incredible clarity. TRU Custom orders should be placed through a local hearing healthcare professional who will take your required ear impressions to complete the order.

Additional Information

In the Box: One pair TRU Custom earmolds, One pair of WM filters, One pair of solid adapters, Carrying pouch, One bottle of Oto-Ease, One bottle of Oto-Clens, and Owners manual.


Colors: Available in a wide variety of colors.


Warranty: 1-year warranty (Warranty Information).

Review and Rating


I absolutely love my TRU Customs! Being able to change the filters is a great feature. The same pair comes with me to bars, concerts, sporting events, etc. I've had my pair for about 3 years and never had the removal string come off. An audiologist took great impressions of my ears and my TRU customs fit perfectly.


I have them with multiple filters and they're so comfortable and I love that I can still hear speech and voices pretty well with them in. I have not had the experience that the prevous reviewer had with the pull cord coming off and I've had them for a few years. Definitely recommend custom plugs over regular ones or foam ones.


These are very comfortable. The negative, very negative, is the handle you use to pull these of your ears comes apart very easy. If this happens all the plug is in your ear, which it usually does, it is a real pain to get it out