ES Series


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ES10 Earphones ES10 Earphones
ES10 Earphones
[SKU# 78491]

The ES10 offers Westone performance and sound at an affordable price for musicians on a budget.

ES30 Earphones ES30 Earphones
ES30 Earphones
[SKU# 78493]

A well-balanced, true three-driver system, the ES30 is silky smooth across all frequencies.

ES50 Earphones ES50 Earphones
ES50 Earphones
[SKU# 78494]

The ES50’s five masterfully tuned balanced armature drivers deliver smooth, translucent and detailed sound.

ES60 Earphones ES60 Earphones
ES60 Earphones
[SKU# 78519]

The Westone ES60 is the ultimate custom in-ear monitor, handcrafted with six balanced armature drivers in each earphone and a multistage crossover design that yields unrivaled sonic purity.

ES80 Earphones ES80 Earphones
ES80 Earphones
[SKU# 71360]

With eight masterfully-tuned balanced-armature drivers, Westone’s new flagship product, the ES80, delivers a dynamic sound with a fresh clarity and extended harmonic content that has never been heard before in a custom-fit earpiece.


6 Item(s)