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Bluetooth V2 Cable Bluetooth V2 Cable
Bluetooth V2 Cable
[SKU# 78397]

Powered by Qualcomm’s aptX with High Definition Audio, Westone’s Bluetooth V2 cable was designed for music lovers, and is specially tuned to deliver full-resolution audio for a truly amazing wireless listening experience. Ideal for all personal audio and video devices including iOS and Android platforms.

Bluetooth Cable Bluetooth Cable
Bluetooth Cable
[SKU# 78548]

Powered by aptX® technology and tuned by Westone to provide the best listening experience possible, Westone's removable Bluetooth® cable with microphone, allows the user to enjoy the most immersive and articulate wireless earphone experience on the market.

Ultra Thin Replacement Cable, Ultra Thin Replacement Cable,

Westone Ultra Thin Audio Cable - Thin Silver-Plated Copper Linum Cable + MMCX Connection, 3.5 MM Stereo Plug - 52 Inches

Cable Ear Guides Cable Ear Guides
Cable Ear Guides
[SKU# 78403]

Westone Cable Ear Guides - Improve Audio Cable Fit and Reduce Cable Noise - 2 Pair, Black and Orange

Travel Kit Travel Kit
Travel Kit
[SKU# 79235]

Perfect for use with any earphone or earbud.


19 Item(s)