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Westone 60 Years Timeline


Westone founded in Divide Colorado by Ron and Mickey Morgan.

First custom-fit Westone earmolds are made on kitchen table.

Early – Mid 1960’s


Ron and Mickey buy a home in Security Colorado, build earmold production facility in basement.

Business increases, family’s 5 sons work in lab after school and during summer break as they get older.

Late 1960’s


Westone introduces its BLEND impression material in individual dosed packaging, this innovation is adopted by the industry as a standard way to deliver impression materials.


Ron Morgan and other earmold manufacturers form the NAEL (National Association of Earmold Laboratories). This organization was founded to standardize earmold nomenclature, tube-fittings, sound bore and venting sizes, etc. (Although the NAEL no longer exists, much of the information and definitions they established are still in use today and have become industry standards.)


Demand for custom-fit earmolds continues to increase, Westone finds larger facility. This becomes Westone’s home for the next 20 plus years.

Expands product offerings including pre-formed tubing, tubing cements, and solvents, venting supplies Westone introduces first injection-molded custom-fit earmolds made from vinyl.

Westone creates satellite facilities in the 70’s, offering faster service to its customers nation-wide, with facilities in Florida, Georgia, Michigan, California, Washington, and Alberta, Canada.

Westone introduces silicone earmold materials.

Westone gains reputation as the problem solvers, hearing healthcare professionals turn to us to solve their worst fitting problems.


Westone continues to grow, adding more employees and abilities.

Westone outgrows its facilities and purchases more property next to its existing location, rebuilding it, doubling the size of its manufacturing and supply business.

Westone expands in customer support and care by adding dedicated technical support and customer service personnel.


The number of employees at Westone increases to 25.


Westone developed custom-fit earmolds for the Sony Walkman, the personal listening revolution begins.


Ron Morgan and Mickey Morgan retire.

Randy Morgan is named President and CEO of Westone. Under Randy’s leadership Westone continues to grow. Westone starts aggressive marketing campaigns and increases attendance at tradeshows and industry events.

Randy also starts developing relationships with other hearing Healthcare manufacturers worldwide, in an effort to bring the best products and services to the market.

Westone starts creating educational and informational materials for industry trade publications.

Westone is contacted by Dr. Mead Killion of Eytmotic Research to help develop the earpiece for the revolutionary their musician’s earplugs.

Westone adds a full-time audiologist to the staff; this is an industry first for an earmold laboratory.

Westone increases its dedicated Customer Support and Technical Support teams.

Westone starts experimenting with colors for custom-fit products other than the traditional skin tones and safety colors so prevalent in the industry at the time.


Westone was approached by a canning factory that was having communications problems on their canning lines. Westone developed an in-ear solution that solved the problem…and would have Westone entering a completely new industry in just a few short years.


Westone was approached by Bill Chrysler the production manager for Def Leppard’s and Rush’s World Tours. Based on the work Westone did with the canning factory the world’s first balanced-armature fully occluding in-ear-monitors were created. Westone outgrows its facilities and starts looking for a new home.


Westone moves to its current home, still in Colorado Springs, the new 30,000 + square foot facility gives Westone the ability to expand its laboratory and warehouse space.

Westone begins to offer even more end-user products and hearing healthcare supplies.

Westone continues to grow and has over 40 employees at this time.

Westone adds first full-time IT personnel.

Westone begins development of its new swim plug product called AquaNot.


Westone settles into its new home and puts even more energy and effort into marketing and advertising.


Westone IT builds custom data entry system designed specifically for earmold lab production.

Westone also increases its participation in national and regional tradeshows.

Demand for custom-fit products continues to grow, Westone adds more personnel to meet demand.


Westone is contacted by Van Halen monitor engineer Jerry Harvey and forms Ultimate Ears by Westone.

Westone starts manufacturing Custom-fit In-Ear-Monitors, using both Balanced Armature Drivers and Dynamic Drivers in its designs.

Westone continues to increase its marketing efforts.


Westone expands earmold production facilities to meet demand, and adds more clinical and end user products to its supply offerings.

Shure Inc. designs a new wireless system specifically for In-Ear-Monitoring and asks Westone to design earpiece for the system, Westone creates the first universal-fit balanced armature design IEM.

Westone introduces the world’s first multiple driver custom-fit IEM, the UE5. Westone launches first website.


Westone attends the 1997 NAMM show with Shure for the launch of the Shure PSM 600 and Westone designed E1.

Westone begins manufacturing the E1 for Shure in its Colorado Springs facility.

Westone introduces its own specially formulated cartridge impression material SiliClone.

Westone introduces DissappEar, a new earmold material designed to make hearing aid earmolds virtually invisible.

Westone starts design work on the world’s first multiple driver universal-fit IEM, the Shure E5.


Westone introduces Silicone Singles, premeasured and packaged silicone impression material.

Westone purchases additional building, doubling its facilities to over 60,000+ square feet, 75,000 square feet including the satellite labs in Kalamazoo and Seattle.

Through the remainder of 1998 the new building is remodeled, eventually housing 4 production labs, shipping department, material production, and customer and technical support teams that now includes two staff audiologists.

Shure introduces the E5 at Winter NAMM.

Westone continues to grow and adds more personnel, now numbering close to 100.

Westone IT department builds first full commerce website.


Westone introduces “The Best Syringe” small impression syringe designed for ear impression technique.

Westone continues manufacturing Custom-fit IEM’s and Universal-fit IEM’s for Shure Inc.

United States Air Force Research Laboratory contacts Westone about F22 Raptor program, work begins on earpiece designed to help solve communications problem between ground crew and pilot during preflight.


DissappEar earmold tubes are added to enhance Westones popular DissappEar earmold materials.

Westone continues its marketing efforts with advertising, educational materials, attending numerous tradeshows both nationally and regionally.

Westone is now the world’s largest producers of custom-fit earmolds with over 150 employees and production facilities located in three states.


Westone introduces proprietary silicone cartridge impression material. SiliClone Firm is designed to expand the ear canal slightly this replicates the effects of 2-part impression material as it is expressed into the ear canal with a syringe.

Westone Music Products starts manufacturing its own Custom-fit and Universal-fit IEMs.

Westone starts attending numerous music product tradeshows. The Westone booth features a silent band, so tradeshow attendees can hear and interact with the products.


Westone starts experimenting internally with virtual/digital earmold modeling and additive manufacturing for custom-fit applications.

Westone Music Products releases redesigned UM1 and UM2 universal-fit IEMs.

Westone Music Products introduces Custom Art Shop for its custom-fit IEM’s.


Westone introduces digitally modelled and SLA printed earpieces to the US Hearing Healthcare market on a limited basis.


Westone continues to aggressively market its music products, attending numerous music product tradeshows.

Westone and US Air Force Research Lab receive patent for ACCES earpieces.

ACCES is awarded safe to fly status for multiple US Air Force aircraft.

ACCES is the communications earpiece chosen for the record breaking Spaceship One space flights.


Westone President and CEO Randy Morgan (53) passes away after year-long struggle with brain cancer Lynn Kelher is named CEO.

Westone now has over 200 employees.


Westone launches new website to better serve its customers.


Westone Music Products introduces the W3, world’s first 3-driver with 3-way crossover universal-fit earphone designed for personnel listening.


Westone Music Products win Bench Club Asia, Best Brand of 2009 in High-End Earphones.

Westone Music Products introduce W1 and W2 personal-listening earphones as well as the UM3X designed specifically for use on stage.


Westone founder Ron Morgan passes away at 91.


Westone Music Products introduces W4 universal-fit earphones, Finalist in best of show CES iLounge.


Westone is purchased by investment group CID.

Westone Music Products wins CES Innovations 2012 International CES, Design and Engineering Showcase Award for W4R universal-fit earphones.

Westone designs and introduces proprietary Fit™ foam eartips and silicone Star™ earpiece tips for all universal-fit IEM’s manufactured by Westone.

Westone awarded Patent for its Silicone Star Tips.


Westone introduces Siliclone X-act cartridge impression material.

Design work begins on 5 and 6 driver IEM’s.

Redesigned W-Series and UM-Series are released by Westone Music Products.


Westone Audio introduces the ES 50 and ES60, five driver and 6-driver custom-fit IEM’s.

Westone W60 wins Digital Trends Best Headphones of CES Award.

Jason Lockwood named CEO.


Westone Audio introduces the W80 universal-fit eight driver earphone, Bluetooth Cable V1 with aptX™ technology, and the Westone AM series universal-fit passive ambient series.

Westone launches enhanced website with Hearing Healthcare, Supplies, Military Products, and Audio Products.


Westone is purchased by investment group Health Edge.

Westone Audio introduces EAS Series of Custom-fit Passive Ambient Series IEM’s.

Westone Audio introduces custom-fit ES80 eight-driver IEM.

Westone awarded patent for its custom-fit and universal-fit Passive Ambient IEM’s.


Westone purchases Custom Protect Ear, industrial custom-fit hearing protection manufacturers (Canada).

Westone Audio introduces reimagined W-Series (all products include Bluetooth Cable).

Westone Audio introduces Bluetooth Cable 2.0 with Qualcomm® aptX™ HD audio.


Westone Hearing Healthcare introduces Digital-X Electronic Hearing Protection.

Westone Audio introduces B-Series, B30 and B50.

Westone celebrates 60 years in business!

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Westone Audio Timeline

About Westone Audio Timeline

What We Do

Established in 1959, Westone Laboratories has more than 55 years of experience delivering premium in-ear solutions for critical listening applications. Westone is the largest manufacturer of custom ear pieces in the world and was the first to design and manufacture a balanced armature driver earphone. With hearing healthcare and music specialists on our research and production teams, Westone invented the most ergonomic monitor design which provides the most comfortable, best fitting and quietest earphones on the market. The largest names in music turn to Westone in-ear monitors for on-stage use, just as U.S. Air Force fighter pilots depend on Westone’s ACCES® in-ear communications system for mission-critical noise isolation, hearing protection and two-way communication. It is our experience, our products, and our people that make Westone The In-Ear Experts®.

Where We Are

Westone’s headquarters are located in beautiful Colorado Springs, Colorado. This is where you’ll find our manufacturing facilities, our research and development team, our technical service representatives, and all warehousing, shipping and administrative functions.

Westone Laboratories, Inc.
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