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    Unparalled Comfort
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    Perfect Hearing At All Times
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    Highly Responsive
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    Westone Earpieces
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Westone provides best value and convenience through our GSA Schedule contract and GSA Advantage online shopping link. We are experienced with Government Purchase Cards (GPC), Government Fund Cites (iRapt, IPP, myInvoice), Life Cycles and EOFY spending.

Westone Military Contracting

Using Westone technology as a baseline, AFRL’s Human Effectiveness Directorate (AFRL/HE) developed ACCES. This system improves hearing protection for military ground and air crews, industrial, construction, heavy equipment, and commercial airline staff.

Westone Military Presentations

ACCES items are specially designed for military applications and commodity controlled by the Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS). These cables are classified under ECCN 3A611.a and must have a export/import license to lawfully transport them overseas.

Westone Military Export Laws

Westone for Military Applications

Westone Military Acces
Acces® Communication System

Westone Laboratories partnered with the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory under a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement to research, design, build and test communications earplugs with the goal of improving hearing protection and communications for military pilots and ground crews.

Westone Military - Earpieces for Military Applications
Westone Military Impression Kits
SEIT Classes

SEIT was developed and standardized by USAF and Navy audiologists and is offered at Westone Laboratories in Colorado Springs, CO. This class instructs the user on proper ear impression techniques required for the production of custom earpieces for the ACCES communication system and other earpiece styles.

Westone Military SEIT Classes