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Exporting LAWS for ACCES ECCN: 3A611.a

As of 12/31/2014 ACCES has transitioned from ITAR to The Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) who now controls all ACCES cable items listed on the Controlled Commodities List (CCL). It is imperative that all requests for ACCES traveling overseas are issued a license for export through the SNAP-R export license application process. Westone will submit the application with a $70.00 USD Admin Fee and request an End User Statement or, Letter of Intent from all foreign parties unless other provisions have been agreed upon by both parties. The license process can take up to 6 weeks for approval. We will do all we can to expedite and frequently check the license status for you.

Westone for Military Applications

Acces® Communication System

Westone Laboratories partnered with the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory under a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement to research, design, build and test communications earplugs with the goal of improving hearing protection and communications for military pilots and ground crews.

SEIT Classes

SEIT was developed and standardized by USAF and Navy audiologists and is offered at Westone Laboratories in Colorado Springs, CO. This class instructs the user on proper ear impression techniques required for the production of custom earpieces for the ACCES communication system and other earpiece styles.