Sennheiser Set 900


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Sennheiser Set 900



The Set 900 is both a mobile sound booster and an infrared stereo listening system. The Set 900 receiver offers listeners individually optimized sound in the theaters or concert halls using infrared (IR) transmission. At home, the Set 900 can be directly connected to the TV, stereo system or radio and allows listeners to enjoy cordless sound with personal hearing settings.

• Easy to connect and to use
• Excellent stereo sound, individually adjustable
• 3 Selectable hearing settings on the transmitter • Optimized speech intelligibility due to switchable compression and treble boost
• Individually adjustable treble boost
• Infrared audio transmission for cordless mobility of up to 40’/12 m within a room
• 2 Switchable microphones on the receiver pick up and amplify surrounding noise, allowing the user to hear ambient sounds, such as the phone ringing while watching TV
• Foldable receiver with carrying case for easy transportation
• Amplified stereo sound when you are outside and in rooms equipped with infrared technology (e.g. theater)
• Large, ergonomic volume control and balance control on the receiver
• Precisely fitting, flexible ear cushions ensure high wearing comfort
• Receiver with automatic on/off function
• Receiver can be placed into the transmitter's charging compartment either direction
• Lithium-polymer rechargeable battery for 12 hours of continuous use
• 2-year warranty

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