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Westone Desiccant Pod - Replacement Moisture Removal Pod - Compatible with the Westone Hearing Aid Saver System



The Westone Replacement Desiccant Pod works with the Westone Hearing Aid Saver (SKU# 50551) to protect and remove harmful moisture from hearing instruments and other small moisture-sensitive items. Ideal for the nightstand or for travel. Desiccant can be reactivated in the microwave. Purple color pods will turn pink when activated.

Additional Information

  • REPLACEMENT POD FOR MONITOR SAVER: Compatible with the Westone Hearing Aid Saver Systems, this rechargeable replacement desiccant pod will help protect your IEM from damage caused by moisture.
  • RECHARGABLE DESICCANT POD: Desiccant crystals in the included pod can be recharged in the microwave, decreasing the amount of times you need to replace the pod.
  • EXTENDS EARPHONE LIFE: Moisture can damage sensitive electronics, like the technology used in your Westone Earphones. Using this pod with a Westone monitor saver is essential to protect the investment of your IEMs.
  • REMOVES HARMFUL MOISTURE: Moisture damages highly sensitive electronics, so removing moisture from where you store them is very important. The desiccant crystals in this pod removes this moisture so you can enjoy your earphones for years to come.
  • INCLUDED WITH PURCHASE: 1 Reusable Desiccant Pod and Complete Instructions for use, monitor storage and desiccant pod recharging and replacement.

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