Shirley Skidmore

If you’ve ever happened to call-in to Westone for any reason over the past three decades, then there’s probably a good chance that you’ve already been introduced to one of the most distinguishable voices within the company: Shirley Skidmore. Perhaps you were calling to place a supply order, check on the status of an earpiece, ask a simple question about our materials or maybe a combination of the three. Regardless, you may not remember what your exact reason for calling-in was, but we’re willing to bet that you remember the Westone rep you spoke with if you were lucky enough to have a quick chat with Shirley!

A Westone veteran of 30 years, Shirley has been an enormous blessing to Westone ever since she first joined the company back in 1988. Originally hailing from the tough streets of upstate New York, Shirley knew she was destined to move to Colorado from a young age. “I came to Colorado when I was 15 to visit my sister,” she explained, “and I immediately fell in love with the mountains.” After eventually making the long trek from the east coast out to the Rockies, Shirley worked at a few different places before finding the perfect fit with Westone, all thanks to a close friend who recommended that she apply here. “I was first introduced to Westone through a friend of mine who was already working here, and I loved the family atmosphere that was present.” Shirley remembered when thinking back to her early days when she first joined the company, “When I started, there was a lot of incentive that the Morgan family gave for employees to stay, and I’ve always been a very loyal person so I wouldn’t just leave Westone whenever another job opportunity happened to come up.”

Now the most tenured veteran of Westone’s customer service team, Shirley enjoys sharing all the information she’s learned over her 30 years here with not only less experienced coworkers, but all the fantastic individuals that make up our curious customer base as well. “I’d have to say our customer base,” Shirley stated when asked what’s kept her at Westone for so long, “I’ve become great friends with a lot of our customers, and I believe in being loyal to our customers and going the extra mile to help them out whenever I can.” Whether she’s helping a customer or a fellow employee, we’re beyond thrilled that Shirley’s decided to stick around with us for so long, and for her unwavering commitment to helping the Westone family.

Away from the office, Shirley enjoys spending as much time as she possibly can with her grandkids and family. She’s also very active within her church, where she takes part in various women’s groups within the congregation. And when those things aren’t quite enough to keep her busy, she somehow tries to find the time to go to the gym to get a quick workout in.

We can’t thank Shirley enough for all of the dedicated years of service she has put in here, and we look forward to keeping her in the Westone family for as long as we can! If you have gotten to know Shirley through your own interactions with Westone over the years , we hope that you will share a similar sentiment with her the next time you speak on the phone or in person. Or Heck, just call her yourself now to tell her, as she’s always just a phone call away at: 1-800-525-5071. Just ask for Shirley!