Westone Employee Highlight: Lavanda Wilkins

Here at Westone, we always strive to create a welcoming environment for all our employees in the hopes that they feel right at home when coming into work each and every morning. This task is of course much easier however, when your employees help to create such a family atmosphere all on their own, and nobody at Westone helps to create such an atmosphere amongst our staff more so than Mrs. Lavanda Wilkins. A beaming ray of sunshine everywhere she goes, Lavanda’s nurturing and motherly nature is appreciated by everyone who’s lucky enough to come in contact with her, as even just a simple hello or good morning from Lavanda is usually enough to immediately brighten up anyone’s day!

Lavanda has been a beloved member of the Westone family for over 17 years, and luckily for us, she doesn’t have any plans of leaving us anytime soon.                                                                                                            

 “When I started at Westone, I told our HR lady (at the time) - ‘You’re going to have to call the cops to get me out of here!’ because right when I started I had that feeling, and I just loved the job. I didn’t want to ever leave.” Lavanda mentioned while looking back on all the years she’s spent at Westone.

Thankfully for both parties, the cops have yet to be called, as we certainly plan on keeping Lavanda around these parts as long as we possibly can! Currently working as a member within our Central Numbering Department, Lavanda plays a key role in helping to number and scan-in the physical ear impressions sent-in to Westone in order to store them in our digital impression database. In addition to her Numbering role, Lavanda has also become an essential aid to our Military Department while assisting them in preparing all of their outgoing orders for active military members across the globe. Whether it be with the Numbering Department, Military Department or any other role within the company, Lavanda has always been more than happy to help out with any task Westone lays before her.

“I just love what I do,” Lavanda said, “I always have. I started downstairs in shipping when it was on the backend in the other corner, and that’s when I hurt my back so they moved me upstairs, but I still love what I do.”

A native of Wilmington, NC, Lavanda brought her instinctive southern hospitality with her when moving out West to the Rockies, as she loves to cook for visiting friends and family whenever she gets the chance to host them. When she’s not busy helping to look after family, including all her precious grandchildren, Lavanda enjoys spending her free time away from Westone reading, knitting, crocheting and attending activities at her church, where she remains as active as ever.

We’re thrilled to see Lavanda’s continued dedication to Westone after all these years, and we hope that we can squeeze another 17 years out of her before she decides to retire, whenever that may eventually be!

“I like being stable for one thing, and I just think that Westone is a good place to work.” Lavanda answered when asked what’s kept her here at Westone for so long. “When I first started here, I thought it was a good place to work…they haven’t kicked me out yet, so I’ll be here until they do!”