Greg Morgan - Westone

Over the past 28 years, plenty of changes have taken place throughout Westone. Our facilities have grown, leadership has changed hands and our service offering has continued to evolve. New people, products and ideas have come and gone, however one constant has remained over all these years, that being the inescapable personality of Greg Morgan. For nearly three decades, Greg has gladly served Westone in a variety of roles that have taught him numerous skills and taken his talents across multiple continents during all his travels with the company. With so many different experiences under his belt and having excelled at every task Westone has thrown his way, Greg has undoubtedly become the Renaissance Man of Westone.

A proud Army veteran, Greg originally migrated to Colorado Springs during his time in the service after being stationed at Fort Carson, just a stone’s throw away from Westone headquarters on the south side of the city. Although he was always 100 percent committed to the Army during his time in the service, Greg has always been a natural guitar player, and his musical talents would be what ultimately led him to a career with Westone. “I started a band there (Ft. Carson), and I brought a few young kids into the band: Dale and TJ, who was working here at Westone at the time; he was my drummer.” Greg explained when detailing how he wound up at Westone, “I was in the Army and wanted to stay here to play music, which is hard to do when you’re moving every three years. I wanted my kids to finish school, have friends and graduate somewhere, so I decided to get out of the military after 13 years and TJ got me a job working here for five dollars an hour 28 years ago.”

Since joining the Westone family as one of our custom earmold lab technicians all those years ago, Greg has gone on to hold a number of different positions within the company, including working in practically every single one of our custom earmold labs, taking calls in our customer service department, helping out with various marketing responsibilities and taking on his current role within our 3D modelling department, where he helps to create and perfect 3D scans of ear impressions sent in to Westone. With so many different options to choose from, Greg briefly paused at first to think of the right answer when asked what his fondest memory of working at Westone is. After a minute or so of pondering the question, Greg decided on an answer, and unsurprisingly to anyone who knows him, the answer was related to music: “I’d say one of my fondest memories would be going out on the road with the Westone band (The Bedlam Baldies), playing at tradeshows and getting to travel all over the states, western Europe and Canada. We were really invested in growing the Music side of things with the band.”

Just in case he didn’t get enough traveling done during his military days, Greg more than made up for it while hitting the road with the Bedlam Baldies, as he listed California, Frankfurt and Belgium among his top travel destinations he visited while hitting the road with his Westone bandmates. While one might think that Greg was living every musician’s dream when he was getting paid to travel and perform at tradeshows, he was quick to point out that those long trips weren’t always all peaches and cream. “We used to play for 8-10 hours a day at tradeshows.” Greg recalled. “The first couple of years it was just us and it was pretty rough. That’s rigorous because we were the roadies who set up the booth, tore down the booth, did all the sound checking ourselves and then we were also the sales reps at the booth as well.”

Nowadays, with the Bedlam Baldies having taken their final curtain call back in 2011, Greg enjoys a slightly less-rigorous work schedule within the comforts of Westone's headquarters. Today, Greg has an even greater level of appreciation for everything that we do here at Westone, as after spending countless hours in extremely loud environments, Greg has found himself having to deal with the negative effects of hearing loss. “I knew I had suffered some hearing loss in the military, and being in rock bands and playing in clubs beats you up pretty bad, so it does my heart good to know we’re providing such a crucial service to customers.” Greg explained as he discussed some of his own experiences with hearing loss and how custom earpieces have personally helped him in his own life. “I’ve always said that nobody realizes how important an earmold is, until it doesn’t work.”     

Although his time spent performing on the road may have slowed down some compared to his “Rambling Man” past with the company, Greg still enjoys finding time to play guitar and jam-out with friends whenever he can. With the desire to see new places still burning deep inside him as well, Greg enjoys finding time to hit the road and travel, which also goes hand-in-hand with one of his other favorite hobbies: photography. When he’s not on the road jamming with friends or taking breathtaking photos of the places he visits however, Greg enjoys peaceful nights at home with his wife Editha, whom he actually met right here at Westone! “This place has a way of getting into people,” Greg noted, in reference to Westone, “it gets into your blood.”

We’re beyond thankful for Greg’s continued commitment to Westone throughout all of his years with us, and we look forward to many more years to come with Westone’s very own Renaissance Man!