The All New DefendEar Digital X Series

Goodbye DefendEar Digital (DED), helloooo DefendEar DigitlalX (DEDX)! For the first time since its initial release over six years ago, our DefendEar Digital line of custom hearing protection is getting completely revamped. This revamp has been in the works for quite some time, as we’re extremely proud and excited to finally get to share our new DEDX lineup with all of our fans, followers and customers! For the rest of this post, we will focus on breaking down the three new models within the DEDX line, the DX1, DX3 and DX5, and discuss how each individual model has been enhanced from its previous DED counterpart. So let’s get to it!

 DX1 vs. DED1

Replacing our previous DefendEar Digital1 model is the new and improved DX1. Much like the DED1 was for our previous digital line, the DX1 is our entry-level earpiece into our digital series and is designed for any general shooting environment. Although it features just one shooting “mode”, the DX1 still provides excellent all-around noise suppression and ambient noise amplification to ensure users can still hear properly from their surroundings with their earpieces inserted. Digitally, the DX1 is very similar to the DED1, however physically the DX1 is far superior to its predecessor.

Like all new DEDX models, the DX1 features new, improved Water-Shield nano-coating technology which makes the digital modules on the earpieces more water repellent for users who might happen to get caught out in the rain with their DXs. Regardless of the specific model ordered, all DEDX users will have the same choice between six new metallic color options for the color of the cover of their digital modules, also sometimes referred to as the “door” of the modules. This new color pallet consists of six new metallic colors including: red, green, blue, copper, gold and silver. Finally, as is the case with all DEDX models, the DX1 features an increased battery life that typically lasts about 400 hours, however battery lives can vary depending on ambient sound levels, as well as environmental conditions such as humidity.

 DX3 vs. DED2

The middle child of our new DEDX line, the DX3 is superior in every way to the old DED2 model it now replaces. Digitally, the DX3 features three distinct shooting modes for users to choose from which include: Game, Clay and Range Mode. These three modes give users more protection options to choose from than any other previous DED model, as no previous models in our digital line ever had more than two different modes to choose from. The DX3 also features a new “vocal feedback system” that alerts users whenever their earpiece settings are adjusted, such as when switching back and forth between the three different modes, changing the volume or whenever users’ batteries are starting to run low. Speaking of changing a module’s settings, the DX3 also has an awesome new volume and program "auto-save feature" meaning that whenever a user turns off their modules, their exact volume and program settings that were in place before the modules were turned off, will still be in place whenever the modules are turned back on. So for example, if a hunter were to return from a hunting trip and turn their DX3s off while they were in Game Mode at 70% volume, no matter how long the hunter waits to turn their units back on, the modules will come back on in Game Mode at 70% volume.

New "Rocker Switch"

In terms of physical enhancements, the DX3 features all of the same enhancements already discussed with the DX1, however it does also feature a new “rocker switch” not seen with the DX1, or any previous DED models for that matter. The rocker switch was created to help users more easily toggle between the three different modes featured within the DX3, while also helping users to more easily adjust their volume by using the exact same switch.

DX5 vs. DED Hunter    

In our 60 years of existence, never before has Westone carried a hearing protection earpiece quite as technologically-advanced as our new flagship model in the DEDX series: the DX5. Replacing our previous flagship digital model, the DED Hunter, the DX5 is the perfect hearing protection option for any avid hunter or shooting enthusiast. With five different modes for users to choose from, including Game, Clay, Range and Hunter Mode, the DX5 is sure to offer the ideal amount of protection for any shooter, no matter what their shooting environment is or what specific type of shooting they plan to partake in. The fifth and final mode programmed into the DX5 is the all new “Wireless Communication Mode”, which can only be found with the DX5.To utilize the Wireless Communication Mode, users must purchase the DX5 Wireless Neckloop, which is an earpiece communication accessory sold separately.

Neckloop for the DX5When used in accordance with the Wireless Neckloop, the Wireless Communications Mode allows for two-way communication without the need to remove one’s earpieces, as the earpieces will still provide ambient awareness and amplification while in this mode. This incredible new feature means that DX5 users can hook their earpieces up to radios or other hand-held communication devices to communicate with others, making this feature especially useful for hunting or tactical groups wanting to stay in contact with each other if they get separated. In addition to the increased selection of modes and the Wireless Neckloop accessory, the DX5 also features all of the same new digital enhancements that were previously discussed with the DX3 and DX1 models above.

Physically, the DX5 has been similarly enhanced like the other models within the DEDX line, with the same selection of our new six metallic colors available for users’ module door color, and the same rocker switch that is also featured with the DX3. What is physically different from the DX5 and the rest of the DEDX lineup however, is the actual color of the modules that attach to each earpiece. While every other model in the DEDX (as well as the DED) lineup has a plain, black module, the DX5 features a slick new gunmetal color for all of its modules. This color change obviously doesn’t affect how the DX5 modules themselves actually perform, however it certainly pairs well with the new metallic-colored module doors to make users’ earpieces even more visually appealing!

A lot of time, effort and hard work has gone into our DEDX revamp, and we’re absolutely thrilled to finally get to share these amazing new earpieces with the rest of the world! Not only is our new DEDX lineup of hearing protection physically and digitally superior to its DED predecessors, but it is also much more economical for customers, as each new DEDX model comes at a lower price than the former DED model it is replacing. If you’re an avid hunter or shooting enthusiast, there’s no reason to wait! Visit or give us a call at 1-800-525-5071 to get your own pair of DEDX hearing protection ordered today.  Once you’ve tried a pair out, you won’t ever want to go shooting again without them!