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Westone Laboratories has partnered with Luma Audiology to bring you one of the most innovative patient education and marketing software packages available.

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Market Your Pratice

LUMA is designed with patient satisfaction in mind. Offering patients a more impressive, comfortable experience differentiates you from the competition, which means more word-of-mouth referrals and a stronger perception of your practice.
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Introducing Eyemaginations LUMA

LUMA for audiology is the most innovative form of patient education and marketing software available. Driven by 3D-animated visuals and an intuitive interface, LUMA lets you present complex information to patients in an engaging, easy-to-understand manner. Use the software to differentiate your practice and drive profits.


Educate Patients

LUMA helps patients visualize your explanation and better understand their treatment options. Save time while still ensuring your recommendation comes across clearly, concisely, and persuasively.

Integrate Anywhere

LUMA works where and when you need it. From the waiting room to the exam room, create continous educational loops that integrate seamlessly into your practice’s existing workflow using a PC, plasma TV, even an iPad.

Amplify Revenue

Better educated patients make better decisions – helping your existing patients opt for the best treatment options and keeping them well-informed of your practice’s premium products and services.

Additional Benefits for Your Practice

  • RECEPTION AREA: While your patients wait, market through customized presentations that focus otherwise idle patients on your most profitable products and procedures.
  • EXAM ROOM: During the exam, use the draw-over-video technology and the zoom feature to easily show patients in seconds how they will be affected if their condition progresses.
  • SUPPORT: We can help with all aspects of setup in your office including hardware consultation and support if needed as well as answer any questions prior to launch ensuring a seamless experience.
  • FREE IPAD APPS: Educate waiting patients with the LUMA Audiology and ENT Apps for iPad featuring easy-to-understand videos, simulations, and closed captions to clearly explain complex topics.
  • SUBSCRIPTION MODEL: Our subscription-based model means that you get access to updates as soon as we release them so there’s no need to devote time or resources to keeping the system up-to-date.
  • ONE LOW PRICE: Our simplified pricing allows you to purchase the full Eyemaginations library featuring a large variety of HD quality animations for one low price!

And with LUMA, the benefits don’t end at purchase. We take pride in the idea that you’re never alone— industry leading support and service come bundled with every piece of software we sell. So get started today!

Doctors are talking

"I feel that it's very important to educate our population about hearing in general. One of the things that I enjoy is the approach that they use for this educational process. It enables me to explain to my patients in a very down-to-earth manner exactly what is going on with their hearing. It enables us to explain on a level that the patient can understand what is going on with their ears."

Dr. Deborah Price - Dallas, TX