Sennheiser Set 830-S TV


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Sennheiser Set 830-S TV



The Set 830 S TV is an infrared stereo TV listening system which is ideal for wearers of hearing instruments equipped with a telecoil. The system connects directly to a TV, stereo system or radio. The cordless Set 830-S delivers outstanding sound quality.

Sound can be transmitted from the receiver to the hearing instrument by means of wireless induction using the induction loop. Alternatively, induction couplers or headphones can be connected to the lightweight receiver.


• Easy to set up and operate
• The receiver is ideal for connection to hearing instruments and headphones (3.5 mm stereo jack)
• Cordless mobility of up to 40' / 12 m within a room thanks to infra-red transmission
• Customized stereo sound
• 3 Selectable hearing settings on the transmitter
• Optimized speech intelligibility due switchable compression and treble emphasis
• Large, ergonomic volume control on the receiver
• Balance control for setting left/right volume on the receiver
• Receiver can be placed on the transmitter's charger facing in either direction
• LEDs provide visual signals of individual control processes
• Lithium polymer battery for up to 12 hours of continuous battery life
• Integrated charging compartment in transmitter for spare battery
• 2-year warranty

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