DefendEar Personal Products

DefendEar Hunter Passive

DefendEar Hunter Passive

For hunting and shooting and other impulsive noise environments for impulses below 160 dB peak SPL for adults, employing filters utilizing small orifice non-linear acoustics.

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Aquanot Swim Plugs

Swimmers or High Noise - Style AQ

Swim plug, unsurpassed for comfort and seal; comes with left or right side identifier and nub type handle.

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Surfer Plugs

Swimmers - Style 70

Swim plug with sealed membrane spanning sound bore; designed to keep cold water and cold air out of the ear canal; allows basic conversation while in the ear.

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4RT Motorsport

Motorcyclists - Style 4RT

Designed primarily for motorcyclists to wear under a helmet to help eliminate wind noise, the 4RT is made in our soft vinyl material and features a hollow canal style for greatest comfort.

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Musicians - Style 49

Earpiece provides true high-fidelity attenuation using Etymotic Research® ER-9, ER-15 or ER-25 filters.

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Sleep Plugs

Custom Sleep Plug

Designed to promote comfortable and uninterrupted sleep. Great for shift workers and credited with saving many a relationship!

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Solid Plug

Style No. 40

(Thick shell) Solid full-thickness, The Maximum offers the highest noise reduction of any Westone DefendEar hearing protection earpiece.

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Filtered Plug

Style No. 47

(Thick-half shell) Filtered attenuator allows basic verbal communication while lowering overall sound levels

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Ultra Lite

Style No. 42

(Thick shell) Full-thickness filtered attenuator.

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