ER-25 Filter Clear pair


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Westone recommends the ER-25 filter for situations where the ER-15 does not provide enough hearing protection.



Designed for use with the Westone's DefendEar Concert (Style 49) Musicians’ Earplugs. Etymotic filters feature a flat frequency response that allows musicians to hear their performance accurately while providing hearing protection. Etymotic ER-25 Filters provide 25 dB of essentially flat sound reduction from 125 Hz through 8 kHz.

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Fits: Westone’s DefendEar Concert (ES49)


Note: If necessary, customers have 2 weeks from the date of invoice to evaluate the attenuation filters. A RMA number will be required to return or exchange the filters; the filters must be returned within 30 days (includes the 2 week evaluation period). The RMA number can be obtained by filling out the returns form here.

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