ER-15 Filter Red-Blue pair


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The most popular of the Etymotic Research flat response attenuators, the ER-15 is recommended as the first choice for hearing protection for musicians, whether they perform in the symphony or local rock band or they teach music at school.



Designed for use with the Westone's DefendEar Concert (Style 49) Musicians’ Earplugs. Etymotic filters feature a flat frequency response that allows musicians to hear their performance accurately while providing hearing protection. The ER-15 provides a uniform flat 15 dB of sound reduction from 125 Hz through 8 kHz.

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Fits: Westone’s DefendEar Concert (ES49)


Note: If necessary, customers have 2 weeks from the date of invoice to evaluate the attenuation filters. A RMA number will be required to return or exchange the filters; the filters must be returned within 30 days (includes the 2 week evaluation period). The RMA number can be obtained by filling out the returns form here.

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