E-Scope II, Hearing Impaired


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E-Scope II Electronic Stethoscope Hearing Impaired Model Without Headphones



E-Scope II Electronic Stethoscopes use state of the art technology to amplify heart, breath, and Korotkoff sounds. Murmurs and faint blows are much more distinguishable when compared to acoustic stethoscopes. All controls are located on the chest piece.


• Maximum volume is approximately 30 times louder than acoustic stethoscopes
• Heart and breath sound filters
• Built-in timer shuts unit off after 2 minutes; press any control button to restart
• Recalls last volume setting on restart
• Battery life 4 - 5 months (AAA battery)
• External output for recording or telemedicine
• Change stethoscope head from diaphragm to physical bell

Accessory Kit Includes:

• Stamped metal pediatric diaphragm
• Plastic bells, 3 sizes: adult, pediatric, and infant
• 2 types of ear tips: mushroom and hard plastic

Hearing Impaired Model Includes:

• Specialist adult diaphragm, stainless steel
• Specialist adult bell, stainless steel
• Soft-pack carrying case
• Belt clip, swivels for ease-of-use
• Operator’s manual
• Accessory Kit
• 1 AAA battery
• Lifetime Technical Support
• 1-year warranty: parts and labor

Accessories can be purchased separately:

• Patch cord (# 53150) connects to the personal audio cable of a cochlear implant or a streaming device
• Large over-the-ear style headphones (# 53152)
• Direct Audio Input (DAI) cable (# 53146 single, # 53147 dual)
• Traditional headphones (# 53155)
• Convertible headphones (# 53156)

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