Ear Lubricants and Drops


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Odinell Ear Spray bottle and box Odinell Ear Spray bottle and box
Odinell Ear Spray [SKU# 54059]

Odinell Ear Spray eliminates excessive earwax from the ear canal, helping to maintain the health of your ears and restore any hearing loss caused by excessive wax buildup.

Comfort Ear Comfort Ear
Comfort Ear [SKU# 54030]

Comfort Ear is physician formulated, non-drug, hypoallergenic moisturizing ear solution designed to restore essential moisture to dry, irritated ears.

Mack’s ProRinse Mack’s ProRinse
Mack’s ProRinse [SKU# 54172]

Earwax Removal System was designed for occasional use as an aid to soften, loosen and remove excessive earwax.

Eargene Eargene
Eargene [SKU# 54023]

1/2-oz pocket size, 24/pkg with display box

Eargene Eargene
Eargene [SKU# 54022]

1-oz bottle, 12/pkg

Eargene Eargene
Eargene [SKU# 54024]

1-oz bottle, 1/pkg


19 Item(s)