Having served thousands of the industry’s top professionals over the last six decades, Westone carries an assorted lineup of stethoscopes that are assured to best meet the needs of today’s top audiologists.


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Steth-o-Mate Steth-o-Mate
Steth-o-Mate [SKU# 53311]

.450" / 11.43 mm diameter for CICs, 2/pkg

Steth-o-Mate Steth-o-Mate
Steth-o-Mate [SKU# 53312]

.700" / 17.78 mm diameter for ITCs, 2/pkg

e-scope e-scope

Large headphones with 3.5-mm connector are intended for use with BTE-type hearing instruments, and can also be worn with ITE or “open fit” type BTE hearing instruments.

Adapt-a-Scope Adapt-a-Scope
Adapt-a-Scope [SKU# 53351]

Large metal male adapter designed for use with stethoscope tubing.


19 Item(s)