Assistive Listening Devices

Assisted Listening Devices from Westone

Westone is proud to offer our customers a wide-selection of various Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs) that are all specially-designed to help individuals with hearing loss improve their hearing in specific situations, such as when individuals are trying to sleep, watch TV or just have a casual conversation.


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Williams Sound Headset Pads Williams Sound Headset Pads

Replacement Earpads (HED 023) for HED 021 folding headphone, HED 026 deluxe, rear-wear headphone, 2pkg

Williams Sound Earbud Pads Williams Sound Earbud Pads

Earbud replacement pads (EAR 015-10) for EAR 013 single mini earbud and EAR 014 dual mini earphone, 10/pkg

Comfort Contego with Neckloop Comfort Contego with Neckloop
Contego with neckloop [SKU# 62685]

Wireless FM communication system, uses digital signal processing technology to provide high-definition sound over multiple channels


Items 73 to 85 of 85 total