Assistive Listening Devices

Assisted Listening Devices from Westone

Westone is proud to offer our customers a wide-selection of various Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs) that are all specially-designed to help individuals with hearing loss improve their hearing in specific situations, such as when individuals are trying to sleep, watch TV or just have a casual conversation.


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Sonic Alert Alarm Clock (SB1000) Sonic Alert Alarm Clock (SB1000)

Both an alarm clock and a receiver for Sonic Alert transmissions. Does not include a bed shaker

Sonic Alert Clock (SBD375SS) Sonic Alert Clock (SBD375SS)

Large display with dual alarm allows two different alarm times to accommodate two different sleep wake patterns

ClearSounds Bed Shaker ClearSounds Bed Shaker
ClearSounds Bed Shaker [SKU# 62627]

Vibrating Pad connects to any ClearSounds amplified phone, amplified ringer, or digital clock. Features a 3.5-mm plug.


Items 25 to 48 of 84 total