Telephone Accessories

Along with our “Clear Sounds CSC600” telephone, Westone also carries a great selection of other phone amplifiers and accessories designed to make speaking on the phone easier for individuals with hearing loss.

These accessories are compatible with multiple sound-producing devices, not just the “Clear Sounds CSC600”.


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ClearSounds Bed Shaker ClearSounds Bed Shaker
ClearSounds Bed Shaker [SKU# 62627]

Vibrating Pad connects to any ClearSounds amplified phone, amplified ringer, or digital clock. Features a 3.5-mm plug.

QLink Bluetooth Transmitter QLink Bluetooth Transmitter

The ClearSounds QLink™ is an advanced Bluetooth adapter that allows the user to link a variety of sound devices with the Quattro Neckloop/Headset system

Noizfree Beetle H3ST Noizfree Beetle H3ST
Noizfree Beetle H-3ST [SKU# 62440]

Wireless, hands-free listening of cell phone communications, music and FM radio


13 Item(s)