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Whether you are a hearing professional, dealer or individual, Westone has the right product for you at the best prices.

Westone Audio Sale

Westone Laboratories, Inc. announces the sale of Westone Audio, LLC to Lucid Audio, LLC.

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Westone Price & Policy Announcement

Westone Laboratories Inc., the market leader in custom earpieces, audiology supplies and high performance hearing protection, is excited to announce some new changes to its Customer Service features, as well as some price adjustments to its product offering. These Customer Service changes have all been developed to make ordering and order tracking more convenient for customers, while recent price adjustments have been made to ensure Westone remains competitive with the inflation that has taken place within the industry since our last price adjustments.  

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World Hearing Day

Have you ever experienced the effects of hearing loss, either temporarily or on a more permanent basis? The symptoms caused by hearing loss can quickly become life-changing, but luckily for most of us in America, we have access to proper hearing healthcare to help us overcome or prevent such symptoms, however what about the millions of people around the world who aren’t quite so lucky? In this blog post, we’ll take a look at a few different non-profit organizations that could use your support in helping to provide proper hearing healthcare and audiological services to people all over the world who currently have no access to such services or care!

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