DefendEar DigitalX 1 Replacement Module


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Custom Digital Noise Suppression. The DX1 module features a digitally optimized program for general shooting.



The new and improved DefendEar DigitalX (DEDX) series is our latest generation of custom, digital hearing protection. Our entry level product into this new line, the DX1, features a digitally optimized program that’s great for any type of general shooting environment. The DX1 offers all of the protective features you need at an affordable price, with the full color flexibility available to our higher-end models. As with the entire DEDX series, the DX1 is available in our full range of metallic colors, consisting of six different metallic color options for users to choose from. Just like the rest of our DEDX models, the new DX1 comes with an extended two year warranty and is CE EN352 certified.

    • - Push Button Volume Control
    • - Dedicated On/Off Button
    • - Digital DSP Circuitry
    • - Mute
    • - Low Battery Warning
    • - Four stage digital volume control push button
    • - Single Optimized Program
    • - 6 Metallic Door Colors
    • - WaterShield protection
    • - Size 13 Battery (new doors)
    • - Size 312 Battery (old doors)
    • - NRR 26
    • - IPIL: 37.3/44/42
    • - 2 Year Warranty
    • - Digital Module (one side only)
    • - Replacement Batteries
    • - Battery Doors
    • - Module must be used with DefendEar Digital custom earpiece
  • IDEAL FOR: General Shooting for Outdoor Use Only!
  • ZINC AIR BATTERY ADVISORY NOTICE It is important to understand that Zinc Air batteries used in DEDX products perform differently than traditional everyday batteries. Zinc air batteries are supplied with a tab on each cell. Once the tab is removed from the cell, the battery will activate and begin to discharge, even if placed into the DEDX module when the module is switched off. Replacing the tab when the battery is not in use will not extend the battery life. It is recommended that you always carry replacement batteries with you when using DEDX earpieces. Westone recommends that you only use high quality zinc air batteries in DEDX modules, such as Rayovac or PureCell Plus, which have a typical battery life 400 hours. Battery life may also vary depending on ambient sound levels and environmental conditions such as humidity.
  • See the Additional Information tab for documentation, downloads, and more information.

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This product is designed for people with normal hearing only! The purpose of hearing protection is to reduce the impact of the sound and to reduce the potential for hearing loss. Hearing protection devices, including DefendEar products, do not eliminate sound. The user is responsible for determining whether the noise reduction provided by DefendEar products will provide adequate hearing protection based on the user’s unique medical history and exposure level. Your medical history, particularly any prior trauma to the ear or prior hearing loss, as well as the noise (decibel level and exposure time) the user will be exposed to should be considered prior to using DefendEar products. If you have any questions concerning the appropriate exposure levels or the level of hearing protection provided by DefendEar products, or if you have hearing loss or ear injuries, contact your local hearing professional before using.

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