DefendEar Digital 2


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Made specifically for shooting sports and high impact noise situations. Exceptionally accurate and lightning fast, DefendEar Digital active, digital circuitry delivers unsurpassed amplification for situational awareness and appropriate noise attenuation when you pull the trigger.

Regular Price: $1,495.00

Special Price $970.00


The preferred hearing protection option for any situations or environments where high impact gunshot noise may be prevalent, this unique product allows users to choose the best level of hearing protection specific to their own shooting environment. The Digital 2 is equipped with two different modes of protection:

1) Game Mode: Ideal for any natural hunting environment where intermittent gunshot noise may occur.

2) Clay Mode: Ideal for suppressing continuous gunshot noise at any shooting range or area where rapid shots may be fired.

- Digital Compression and Signal Processing circuit
- Volume Control
- Low Battery Warning

Modular Design
DefendEar Digital field-removable electronics allows for easy cleaning, service repairs, or future upgrades.

Made specifically for shooting sports and hunting.

Available Materials
Otoblast Silicone

White, black, red, blue, yellow, green, forest green, orange, purple, pink, gray, beige, brown, Swyrl (up to three mixed colors), cords, bolo cord, initials, Slick-Sil AM

Shiny, matte

Shooters Accessory Kit
- Monitor Vault high-impact carrying case
- 6 Zinc Air Batteries
- Oto-Ease lubricant
- Oto-Clens cleaning solution
- Battery Tool / Cleaning Loop
- Cleaning Cloth
- DefendEar Patch

Battery Type: Zinc Air 312
Battery Life: Approx 150 hours

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DefendEar Digital2 Spec Sheet

DefendEar Instruction Manual

DefendEar Digital Order Form

DefendEar Gunshot Noise Hearing Protection White Paper



This product is designed for people with normal hearing only! The purpose of hearing protection is to reduce the impact of the sound and to reduce the potential for hearing loss. Hearing protection devices, including DefendEar products, do not eliminate sound. The user is responsible for determining whether the noise reduction provided by DefendEar products will provide adequate hearing protection based on the user’s unique medical history and exposure level. Your medical history, particularly any prior trauma to the ear or prior hearing loss, as well as the noise (decibel level and exposure time) the user will be exposed to should be considered prior to using DefendEar products. If you have any questions concerning the appropriate exposure levels or the level of hearing protection provided by DefendEar products, or if you have hearing loss or ear injuries, contact your local hearing professional before using.

Review and Rating


Well, the digital 2 are pretty good but as the summary says not great. I had a pair of ESP Stealths, and when at rest the sound was considerably better than what I'm getting with the defendear digital 2 product. BUT, the ESP product is a rigid plastic. I was fitted 3 times before asking for a refund, the rigid plastic just wasn't going to work for me as my inner ear moves too much while running and shooting in competitions. The Defendear is a softer material and will move with your inner ear as you run and shoot. That alone at least makes them functional, whereas the ESP was unusable as the seal would break and I would be instantly subjected to very lound gunshots.

Specifically why aren't the digital 2's great? Well, it really comes down to sound. In a quiet setting, the minor sounds are seemingly amplified too much. I can hear the grit of the dirt beneath my feet, which really isn't a great thing in my opinion for competition shooting. That said, it's not a problem when the competition actually starts and here is where I really have to ding the Digital 2; they just don't perform that well in a shooting competition environment. First, they are just too sensitive; if someone starts shooting a bay or two over they will start cutting out which makes anything nearby almost impossible to hear. I have found myself needing to remove one of them to hear the safety officer giving instructions before the stage. This is a big deal, and a big inconvenience for such an expensive product. The shots coming from the adjacent bays are not nearly loud enough to justify the cut as it's completely comfortable to an unprotected ear.
Second, the speed of the cutout. Compared to my Impact Sport Bolts, they are seemingly sluggish and hollow sounding. They cut a little slow and don't come back nearly fast enough. Honestly, I'd prefer it if they didn't cut at all.
Third, mode 2 is worthless to me. Not sure what it's doing but it makes hearing any verbal communication even worse.

I really wish they were adjustable by my audiologist, I would reduce the sensitivity by over 90% to ensure the only thing getting cut were my gunshots and the gunshots of someone pretty much right next to me. If it was an option, I would turn off the cut all together for one of my modes.

The build quality is decent and seemingly representative of all these products but again not great. No better or worse than the ESP. I have concerns about the battery door latch over time, it's a pretty tiny plastic latch that I could see wearing out or breaking and being way overpriced to have fixed. That's just speculation though. I would think products at this price range and for their intended purpose would be a bit more robust.

The BEST part of the Defendear products are the "shells". They have it figured out for sure. It's a soft, semi pliable silicone based material and it really is perfect. I have worn them for 8 hours in a row several times with no discomfort and have NEVER broken a seal while shooting. The design allows the "electronics" to be removed from the shell, quickly and easily for a legitimate cleaning after a match. This is a very big deal if you're shooting in the dirt for 8 hours. They get pretty funky and being able to take them apart and actually wash them is great.

Overall, this is a really good product, but not great. If they could somehow allow individual tuning through your local audiologist I think they would surpass great and go to extraordinary. Guys, if you're reading this, make it happen; even for a fee I would gladly pay to have the sensitivity I described drastically reduced.