DefendEar Digital Hunter


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The DefendEar Hunter has increased noise suppression for large caliber firearms and the selectable severe conditions mode offers a higher level of wind noise reduction.

Regular Price: $1,895.00

Special Price $1,198.00



The premier hearing protection option for avid hunters, the DefenEar Hunter has increased noise suppression for large caliber firearms, and the selectable “Sever Conditions Mode” offers a higher level of wind noise reduction than the other “Normal” mode. The two distinct modes of the Digital Hunter include:

1) Normal Mode: Provides the most amplification of any DefendEAR Digital model when amplifying low-volume sounds to help detect nearby game movement.

2) Wind Mode: Reduces natural wind noise making it the obvious choice for hunting on the open range or in hunting stands during windy conditions.

- Volume Control
- Low Battery Warning

Modular Design
DefendEar Digital field-removable electronics allows for easy cleaning, service repairs, or future upgrades.

Made specifically for shooting sports and hunting.

Available Materials
Otoblast Silicone

White, black, red, blue, yellow, green, forest green, orange, purple, pink, gray, beige, brown, Swyrl (up to three mixed colors), cords, bolo cord, initials, Slick-Sil® COLOR CHART

Shiny, matte

Shooters Accessory Kit
- Monitor Vault high-impact carrying case
- 6 Zinc Air Batteries
- Oto-Ease lubricant
- Oto-Clens cleaning solution
- Battery Tool / Cleaning Loop
- Cleaning Cloth
- DefendEar Patch

Battery Type: Zinc Air 312
Battery Life: Approx 150 hours

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DefendEar Hunter Spec Sheet

DefendEar Instruction Manual

DefendEar Digital Order Form

DefendEar Gunshot Noise Hearing Protection White Paper



This product is designed for people with normal hearing only! The purpose of hearing protection is to reduce the impact of the sound and to reduce the potential for hearing loss. Hearing protection devices, including DefendEar products, do not eliminate sound. The user is responsible for determining whether the noise reduction provided by DefendEar products will provide adequate hearing protection based on the user’s unique medical history and exposure level. Your medical history, particularly any prior trauma to the ear or prior hearing loss, as well as the noise (decibel level and exposure time) the user will be exposed to should be considered prior to using DefendEar products. If you have any questions concerning the appropriate exposure levels or the level of hearing protection provided by DefendEar products, or if you have hearing loss or ear injuries, contact your local hearing professional before using.

Custom Earpiece Pricing Info: Displayed prices include the custom earpiece only! Additional costs for Ear Impressions, and other services or product options are not included in the displayed pricing, and may vary by provider.

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