1. What Are Assistive Listening Devices And How Can They Help?

    Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs) are personal devices that can help people to engage in one-to-one conversations. These portable amplifiers are with amplifiers, which ensure that the sounds you wish to hear are brought closer to your ears.

    These hand-held devices work by capturing the sounds you wish to hear and they may help you filter certain background noises. In this short guide, we will take a look at how assistive listening devices can help. Keep reading!



    How Can Assistive Listening Devices Help?

    There are certain ways through which Assistive Listening Devices can be of great help. Some of these are explained as follows:


    Hear Better in Public Places

    There are many types of Assistive Listening Devices that can help boost sound transmission. Many of these are designed

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  2. How to detect hearing loss in Children. What are the Symptoms?

    Hearing impairment or hearing loss is the partial or total inability to hear sounds. The symptoms can be mild, moderate, or severe. Individuals with mild impairments may have issues understanding speech. This is particularly so if there is so much noise in your environment. On the other hand, people with moderate hearing loss may require hearing aids.

    If you are concerned about whether you or your loved ones might have hearing loss, you should know that the symptoms of hearing loss depend on the type of hearing loss you are dealing with, as well as the severity. People suffering from mild hearing loss in both ears may experience sound differently than people with severe hearing loss, probably in one ear.


    What are the symptoms of hearing loss?

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  3. An Effective Way to Prevent Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

    Whether you’re dealing with occupational noise or you have a hobby that exposes you to loud noises, it’s always a good idea to invest in earpieces that can prevent hearing loss. A lot of individuals ignore the fact that hearing loss can be irreversible in some cases.

    And the sad reality is that hearing loss is quite prevalent in our society today. In the United States alone, around 1 in 8 individuals 12 years or older exhibit symptoms of hearing loss in both ears. That's around 30 million individuals with hearing problems.

    Good thing there's technology that can prevent individuals from losing their hearing.

    Nowadays, there are lots of industrial hearing protection products in the market from the simplest disposable earplugs to ones that use advanced technology to suppress loud sounds. But of course, the

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  4. Maintaining Your Hearing Aid

    Hearing aids are one of the greatest tools we have to help those losing or having difficulty hearing.

    These great little pieces of technology are much like other daily tools and need to be kept and maintained in order to function properly. But there are many questions like, how do you maintain a hearing aid without damaging it? What needs to be done and how often? What hearing aid accessories will make your hearing aid more comfortable or work better?

    We put together some simple steps you can take to maintain your hearing aid so it will run better and longer for you.

    These aren't the most complex tasks that required extreme knowledge of the hardware,but rather simple everyday things the average person can do to keep their hearing aid running properly.

    Being aware of earwax

    is one of the simplest measures you can do to preserve your hearing aids. Naturally intended to defend our bodies, ear wax can become one

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  5. Best Hearing Aid Accessories

    A person with hearing loss can significantly improve their quality of life by using hearing aids, which are an amazing piece of technology.

    Modern hearing aids are capable and can include lots of exciting, high-tech features to improve the user's experience as well as hearing. There are now several accessories for hearing aid devices that might help remove the stigma associated with using them.

    There are various methods to enhance and improve the experience of using hearing aids nowadays. If you or someone you care about wears hearing aids, have a look at some of these practical and occasionally fashionable hearing aid accessories.

    Portable Chargers

    If your hearing aids are rechargeable

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  6. Handling the Holidays with Hearing Loss

    Holidays with Hearing Loss

    Holidays can be some of the loneliest times of the year for those managing hearing loss. In this blog we'll focus on a few ways to handle the holidays with hearing loss so you can still enjoy every special moment and feel as part of the group as everyone else.

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  7. Elite Digital Scan: Ear Impressions A Whole New Way

    The technological advancement that has had the most impact on manufacturing custom-fit products for the human ear is 3D modeling and printing technologies. The ability to digitally scan an impression or scan the ear and then use that information to model an earpiece in virtual space has given us the control and precision we could only have dreamed about years ago.

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  8. Protect Your Ears This Hunting Season with the DefendEar DigitalX

    Hunting Blog

    Hunting season has begun, and we're sure many of you can't wait to get out opening weekend. Before you head to the woods (or the range), it's important to make sure you have all the right gear. Appropriate clothes, good boots, safety glasses, and hunter orange. One thing you might miss, though, is hearing protection. Keep reading to learn why hunting and hearing protection go hand-in-hand, and to learn more about our DefendEar™ DigitalX line, perfect for recreational shooting and hunting.

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  9. Ear Impressions: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

    Good, Bad, Ugly Impression

    One of the first steps in creating quality custom-fit earpieces is taking an ear impression - and not just any ear impression, but a good one. So what makes a good impression? A bad one? Or a plain ol’ ugly one? Let’s dive into what makes an impression great, and what to do to avoid sending in an impression that just won’t cut it.

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  10. Noise Reduction Rating: What It Is and Why It Matters


    We all know wearing hearing protection is important for the longevity of your hearing. But did you know certain types of hearing protection are more effective than others? A little something called the Noise Reduction Rating, or NRR, can give you some insight into how effective a hearing protection device is compared to how loud the sounds are around you. Let's dive a bit deeper into NRR.

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